Everything Went Better than Expected


A party where anything that could go wrong, does goes wrong


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Everything Went Better than Expected is an action game where you play a character that goes to a costume party, talks with other people, has one too many drinks, and has to go to the restroom.

The problem is that while you're in the bathroom, a mysterious accident happens, and everyone in the party turns into creatures from hell. So when you come out, you have to fight them all using a baseball bat and a shotgun.

The gameplay is simple: you have to move through 2D scenarios, killing all the enemies that get in your way. That said, you have to be very careful, since if an enemy touches you even once, you're dead.

One of the coolest things about Everything Went Better than Expected is you can choose your costume at the beginning of the game. Jango Fett, Walter White, Moss, Guy Fawkes, and Kick-ass are just some of the possibilities.

Everything Went Better than Expected is a 2D action game with a fun retro look, charming graphics, and a fun, yet challenging gameplay.
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